Abd El-Latif  Hesham Photo
Abd El-Latif Hesham
Assiut University
Abd El-Latif Hesham, Professor of Microbial Genetics and Environmental Meta-Genome Biotechnology at Assiut University, Egypt. He graduated and got his M.Sc. from Genetics department, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, Egypt and his PhD degree from Chinese academy of Sciences in Microbial Genetics and Environmental Meta-Genome Biotechnology. He awarded postdoctoral studies from CAS-TWAS. He expert in "Microbial Genetics", and "Environmental Meta-genome Biotechnology". He has authored more than 60 papers in biotechnology including, "Microbial diversity, Wastewater treatment, Biodegradation, Bioremediation, Antimicrobial activity, Biofuels and Enzyme production. He expert and one of organizing committee for several international conferences in Biotechnology and serving as an Associate editor and Editorial Board member for international reputed journals with high impact factors such as (1) Scientific Reports (A Nature Publishing Group Journal, impact factor 5.578); (2)Frontiers in Microbiology (A Nature Publishing Group Partner-Frontiers Journal, impact factor 4.165); (3) PeerJ (Impact factor 2.18) ; (4) Current Bioinformatics (Bentham Science, impact factor 0.770); (5) International Journal of Agriculture & Biology (impact factor 0.758); (6) Journal of Environmental Biology (impact factor 0.560).
Research Interests
Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Microbial Genetics & Biotechnology, Environmental Meta-genome Biotechnology and Biodegradation & Bioremediation. I have experience in Molecular biology and Meta-genomics techniques (rRNA gene clone library, RFLP, sequencing, phylogenetic analysis, florescent in situ hybridization (FISH), PCR-DGGE, MPN-PCR, reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) , and quantitative real time PCR (qRT-PCR).

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