About Conference

The placenta is a lifeline that gives us our start in the world. The development of new technologies to assess the health of the placenta as it grows and matures, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of mothers and children. Which is leading the research effort. It influences the health of mother and child not just during pregnancy, but for the rest of their lives. However, despite its important role, the placenta has received comparatively little attention. The placenta is a temporary organ that ferries oxygen and nutrients from the mother to her fetus while at the same time removing potentially toxic substances like carbon dioxide. It also produces hormones to help maintain pregnancy and perform the unique immunologic function of allowing the mother and fetus to coexist.

We hope this opportunity will attract a broad range of researchers and clinicians to help placental biologists, obstetricians, and experts in imaging, bioengineering, and other arenas.

Until now, most studies of the placenta have been limited to ultrasound exams, blood tests, and the examination of placental tissue after delivery. These studies have provided important foundation knowledge, but many questions remain about normal placental development and function and the organ’s role in health and disease.

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