Technological advancements in Pediatrics

Ongoing technological advances in Pediatrics are improving the survival quotes among babies born with lifestyles-threatening abnormalities. For neonate’s surgical procedures like brain shunts, trachea, gut and heart reconstructions and organ transplants are changing palliative care.

  • ECMO – Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, the usage of system to take over the paintings of lungs and every so often the coronary heart.
  • Smart capsules – these capsules include sensor that, when ingested transmit a sign to a patch the affected person wears.
  • Stem cells – Stem mobile transplant have the power to treat a huge variety of sicknesses in kids from cancer like leukemia, immune gadget disease and bone marrow
  • Genomics – decide complete DNA collection to perform genetic mapping to apprehend, pick out and to prevent contamination.

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