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A Prescription PILL has the Power to ILL
- Clinical Pharmacology 2017

About Conference

Allied Academies, a world class open access publication and scientific event organizer heartily welcomes you to the Scientific Colloquium on “Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology” which is going to one of the biggest conference dedicated to pharmacological studies

The theme of this meeting is “A Prescription PILL has the Power to ILL” and it features a 3-day conference addressing the major upheavals, provocations and the resolutions adopted. The conference will be held during December 14-16, 2017 at Rome, Italy.

Clinical Pharmacology 2017 is all to set to lay a platform for the professionals to facilitate the dissemination and application of Research finding on Drugs and the clinical use, which is underpinned by the basic science of Pharmacology, with added focus on the application of pharmacological principles and methods in the real world.

What Clinical Pharmacology 2017 offers that others won't?

Clinical Pharmacology 2017 gives you access to leading-edge pharmaceutical information and valuable new professional contact from all over the world. Its large international participation provides excellent opportunities for global sharing of technology, expertise, products, and best practices. There are exhibitions which run in parallel with the conference and offer you the chance to get up-to-date information from companies active in your area of interests. We will be great full to our sponsors and exhibitors for their interest and support for the conference.

Whom does Clinical Pharmacology targets as its audience?

Forensic Toxicologist
Genetic Professionals
Bio instruments Professionals
Bioinformatics Professionals
Software development companies
Research Institutes and members
Supply Chain companies
Manufacturing Companies
Training Institutes
Business Entrepreneur

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