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3D Printing Annual Congress and Expo | San Francisco, USA | October 31 - November 01, 2018 | 3D Printing | bio-Printing | Medical Printing | Medical applications | aerospace applications | architectural applications | Defense applications | Automobile applications | Clinical | Dental | Orthopedic | 3D printing in Reconstructive Surgery | Business | Material Engineering | bio Materials | Smart Materials | 3D Software | 3D Imaging | Visualization | Marketing Strategies

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is the processes used to synthesize a 3D object under computer control with successive material layers. 3D printing witnessing a huge potential market with new business modules, by establishing its own prominent position in Medical (Clinical, Dental, Orthopedic and many), Architecture, Engineered 3D Printing (Aerospace,Automobile, Bio-material, Material and many) etc.

3D printing 2018 created a platform for 3D printers, researchers, bio printers, Surgeons, Material Engineers, 3D printing Industries & who all are the part of 3D printing, to pool the knowledge on current trends, innovations and methodology in 3D printing. It came up with a theme “Novelties in Additive Manufacturing & Bio-printing”.

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