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 World Congress on Eye and Vision, scheduled to be held on 18th and 19th of May, 2020 at Amsterdam, Netherlands mainly focused on the theme “Enrich and Exhibit New Innovations In The Universe Of Ophthalmology”.

Eye And Vision Congress wants to bring harmonize all the prominent researchers, academic scientists, and research scholars from every corner of the globe to share, explore and enhance their knowledge in all aspects of ophthalmology. It is also an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to exhibit and explain the recent advancements, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges and solutions adopted in the field of ophthalmology. Researchers, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Scientists, Opticians, OcularistsOrthoptists, research Scholars, Refractive Surgeons, Corneal Fellow etc coming from all over the world.

Scientific sessions of Eye & Vision conference 2020 consists of clinical ophthalmology, paediatric ophthalmologyGlaucomaCorneal diseasesNeuro-ophthalmologyCataract surgeryRetinal and Eye disorders etc.

About the Conference

We are honored to invite you to be a part of the World Congress On “Eye And Vision”, which is scheduled to be hosted at Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 18th and 19th, 2020. This conference urges to bring together all the eminent Ophthalmologists, Researchers, Doctors,  Medical professionals, Fellowship holders, Residents, Pharmaceutical industries and Healthcare industries in the field of Ophthalmology from all over the globe under one roof.

We want to provide a platform to share and enrich your knowledge, Research work, Experience and exhibit new inventions to the world. This Conference enables the research scholars and Young Research forum to do more research and enhance the knowledge from the experienced and eminent scientists and  Delegates in the field of ophthalmology. This conference will serve as a great opportunity to know about the real facts and cause of all the diseases and how to cure that. Gaining and Sharing knowledge in the field of Ophthalmology, Optometry, and Vision Science is our main motto. 

We are delighted to have the presence of  all the Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Scientists, research scholars, Ph.D Holders can attend this Eye Congress 2020 conference at Amsterdam Netherlands.

Sessions and tracks


Neuro-ophthalmology is the ophthalmic subcategory that deals with eye diseases and problems caused by different neurological conditions including various optic nerve disorders. This highly specialized and challenging sub-specialty is a comprehensive combination of different primary specialties like Neurology, Neuro-surgery and Radiology with ophthalmology its parent specialty. The Neuro-ophthalmology department deals an enormous number of patients with a wide range of symptoms including vision loss, double vision, drooping of eyes, visual field defects, headache, eyelid and facial disorders every day. It also examines and treats patients with the ophthalmic symptom of various neurological diseases.


Glaucoma is one of the disease in eye diseases that can lead to vision loss and blindness by damaging a nerve in the rear side of the eye called the optic nerve. The symptoms can begin slowly that you may not notice them. The only way to identify if you have glaucoma is to get a complete dilated eye exam. There’s no cure for glaucoma, but early treatment can prevent damage and protect your vision.

·         Primary open-angle glaucoma

·         Angle-closure glaucoma


The cornea is the transparent tissue at the front and center of the eye. Its transparency allows light to pass into the eye, through the pupil, lens, and onto the retina at the rear part of the eye. The three major corneal layers are the outer layer of the cornea or epithelial layer, the middle layer termed the stroma, and finally a single layer of cells called the endothelium. The curvature of the cornea plays a major role in focusing (refracting or bending) light. The normal cornea is smooth, clear, and tough. It helps to protect the eye from infection and foreign material. Various corneal diseases are:

·         Keratoconus

·         Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy

·         bullous keratopathy


A cataract is a dense, cloudy area forms in the lens of the eye. Cataracts are very common as you become aged. At first, you may realize that you have a cataract. But as time progresses, cataracts can make your vision blurry, hazy, or less colorful. You may have trouble reading or doing other everyday activities. The good news is that surgery can cure cataracts. Cataract surgery is safe and cures vision problems caused by cataracts.

·         Phacoemulsification

·         Extracapsular cataract surgery

·         Intracapsular cataract surgery


Pediatric ophthalmology is a subspecialty of ophthalmology that deals with treating eye diseases, visual development, and vision care in children.


Eye muscle surgery is a medical procedure that repairs a muscle imbalance in the eyes. The muscle imbalance makes the eyes to cross inward or outward. This condition is known as strabismus. People with strabismus   eyes   don’t line up properly. As a result, they look in different directions. It’s necessary to treat strabismus as early as possible to avoid  vision problems. In fact, vision loss could become a permanent disability if treatment isn’t received quickly.

·         Esotropias

·         Exotropias

·         Hypertropias And Hypotropias

·         Paralytic Strabismus


oculoplastic surgery deals with a wide variety of surgical methods that deal with the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts, and the face. It is also associated with the reconstruction of the eye and related structures.

·         Eyelid surgery

·         Tear duct surgery

·         Orbital surgery


Hyperopia is a refractive error, which means that the eye does not bend or deflect light properly to a single focus to see images apparently. In hyperopia, distant objects can be seen with little clarity, but close objects appear dimmer. People feel hyperopia differently. Some people may not notice any problems with their vision, especially when they are at a younger age. For people who are suffering from significant hyperopia, vision will be blurry for objects at any distance, near or is eye focusing disability not any disease.

·         congenital hypermetropia,

·         simple hypermetropia

·         acquired hypermetropia


The retina is a thin lining on the rear side of the eye which is made up of cells that collect images and pass them on to the brain. Retinal disorders block this transfer. Retinal diseases vary widely, but most of them prone to visual symptoms. Retinal diseases can affect any part of the retina.

·         Retinal tear.                         

·         Retinal detachment

·         Diabetic retinopathy

·         Epiretinal membrane

·         Macular degeneration

·         Macular hole

·         Retinitis pigmentosa.


Orthokeratology is the method where it uses specially designed and fitted contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea for the enhancement of vision. It’s like orthodontics for eyes and the treatment is usually compared to dental braces. Most ortho-k lenses are worn at night to reshape the front surface of the eye while sleeping. Vision improvements are reversible but can be maintained if you keep wearing the lenses as suggested.


Astigmatism is a typical vision condition that causes blurred vision. It occurs when the cornea (the clear front cover of the eye) is unevenly shaped or sometimes because of the curvature of the lens inside the eye. An unevenly shaped cornea or lens prevents light from focusing properly on the retina, the light-sensitive surface at the rear portion of the eye. due to this vision becomes blurred at any distance. This can lead to eye discomfort and headaches.

·         myopic astigmatism

·         hyperopic astigmatism

·         mixed astigmatism


The  health of the front surface of the eye and for maintaining a clear vision. Dry eye is a prevalent and often chronic problem, particularly in older adults. Dry eye syndrome also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca is a condition in which a person doesn't have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. Tears are required for protecting


Presbyopia occurs when your eyes gradually lose the ability to see things clearly up close. It is a normal phenomenon of aging You may start to notice presbyopia shortly after age 40. You may find that you hold reading materials farther away in order to see them clearly.

·         Incipient presbyopia

·         Functional presbyopia

·         Absolute presbyopia

·         Premature presbyopia

·         Nocturnal presbyopia 


Amblyopia, also called “lazy eye,” is the most normally occuring vision impairment in children. Amblyopia is the medical term used for representation when the vision in one of the eyes is reduced because the eye and the brain are not working together properly. The eye itself looks normal, but it will not be used normally because the brain is supporting the other eye. this will lead to amblyopia include strabismus, an imbalance in the positioning of the two eyes; more nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic in one eye than the other eye, and rarely other eye conditions such as cataract. Unless it is successfully treated in early childhood amblyopia usually persists into adulthood, and is the most common cause of permanent one-eye vision impairment among children and young and middle-aged adults.

·         Refractive Amblyopia

·         Strabismic Amblyopia

·         Deprivation Amblyopia

·         Reverse Amblyopia


Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes. People with diabetes can have an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. It is the leading cause of blindness in American adults. It is characterized by continuous damage to the blood vessels of the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the rear portion of the eye that is necessary for good vision.

·         Non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy

·         Proliferative diabetic retinopathy


Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment will help to diagnose the diseases and to treat them. Ophthalmic instruments are prototyped to protect eye from damages, injuries. advanced optometric practices use cutting-edge techniques,for providing the best quality service and customer satisfaction.

·         Phoropter

·         Ophthalmoscope

·         Ophthalmic Refraction Unit

·         Keratometer

·         A-Scan Biometer

·         Computed Tomography

·         Electrophysiology

·         Colour Fundus Photography

·         Slit lamp Bio microscopy

·         Angiography and its application

·         Optical Coherence Tomography

·         Operating Room Photography

·         Imaging through Ocular and Orbital Echography


Myopia also called nearsightedness is a refractive error. Refractive error is when the eye does not refract light properly. Light does not focus correctly so images are not clear. people with myopia cannot see close objects clearly but distant objects appear blurred. Myopia is a common condition that is an eye focusing disorder, not an eye disease.

·         High myopia

·         Degenerative myopia


Visual Neuroscience is a part of neuroscience that focuses on the visual system of the human body, mainly located in the brain's visual cortex. The main features of visual neuroscience would include the working of brain mechanisms that decodes information about the color, motion, depth, form of visual objects and scenes and the other feature is decoding the information to experience perceptual and visually guided action. This is one of the important fields in ophthalmology which could reveal the reason for many eye disorders.


Idiopathic intracranial hypertension is a condition where the pressure inside the head rises, causing vision problems, headaches and other symptoms. This will happen when fluid from the brain (called cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF) does not flow out of the head as it should. When pressure around the brain is very high it can put pressure on the optic nerve causes it to swell. This will eventually damage the optic nerve, often causing vision loss.  High pressure can also damage the nerves that move the eyes, causing double vision.


Optometry is a health care profession that involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease Clinical Optometry focuses on the diagnosis, treatments and the postoperative care protocols.

·         Dry AMD

·         Episclera and Lens

·         Drug Induced Disorders

·         Ocular and Imaging Techniques

·         Dry Eye and Blepharitis

·         Epithelial Keratitis & drug induced epithelial keratitis

·         Recurrent Corneal Erosion


Veterinary ophthalmology is the subspecialty of veterinary medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye issues in animals. This contains inherited eye diseases, eye cancers, and gene abnormalities of the eye that will lead to blindness.  Veterinary ophthalmologists, or eye doctors, are the experts in vision care and surgical procedures performed on the eye. Their high degree of experience, training, and learning allows them to be very efficient and precise in their field of work.


Artificial intelligence is more frequently used for screening, diagnosing and helping treat eye conditions. The technology already is being used in online search engines, speech recognition tools and other smart devices. Now, AI is showing promise in is being utilized in Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy, Recognizing Macular Degeneration, etc.

About city and Market Analysis

About City:

Amsterdam is the capital and most famous city of the Netherlands, with a population of 866,737 within the city proper, 1,380,872 in the urban area, and 2,410,960 in the metropolitan area. Amsterdam is in the province of North Holland. Amsterdam is commonly referred to as the "Venice of the North" because of its large number of canals which are considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the financial capital of the Netherlands and one of the top financial centres in Europe, Amsterdam is treated as an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) study group. The city is also the cultural centre of the Netherlands. Many large Dutch organisations have their headquarters there, including Philips, AkzoNobel, TomTom and ING. Also, most of the world's largest companies are based in Amsterdam or have established their European headquarters in the city, such as leading technology companies Uber, Netflix and Tesla. In 2012, Amsterdam had ranked the second best city to live in by the Economist Intelligence Unit and 12th globally on quality of living for environment and infrastructure by Mercer. The city ranked 4th place globally as a top tech hub in the Savills Tech Cities 2019 report and 3rd in innovation by Australian innovation agency the Famous Amsterdam residents consists of the diarist Anne Frank, artists Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and philosopher Baruch Spinoza.

  Amsterdam has an oceanic climate strongly influenced by its closeness to the North Sea to the west, with prevailing westerly winds. during winters and summers are generally mild, temperatures can vary year by year.  occasionally there will be cold snowy winters and hot humid summers.

Amsterdam is the financial as well as the business capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is ranked fifth best of European cities in which to establish an international business, surpassed by London, Paris, Frankfurt and Barcelona. Many reputated corporations and banks have their headquarters in Amsterdam, including AkzoNobel, Heineken International, ING Group, ABN AMRO, TomTom, Delta Lloyd Group, and Philips. KPMG International's global headquarters is located in nearby Amstelveen, where many non-Dutch companies are established as well, due to surrounding communities allow full land ownership, contrary to Amsterdam's land-lease system.

Amsterdam is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe, attracting more than 4.63 million international visitors annually.  The number of visitors growing steadily over the past decade. This can be attributed to growing the number of European visitors. most of the hotels are located in the city's centre.

Market Analysis:

The ophthalmology market is prospering globally due to an increasingly aging population and its subsequent impact on the eye care industry. Due to an increasing number of individuals suffering from eye disorders, there will be an escalation in demand for surgical, diagnostic, and vision care devices. This is the important factor that will propel the growth of the global ophthalmology devices market, which has expected to grow USD 17.6 billion between 2018-2022.

moreover, an increasing number of partnerships, a growing focus on promotional sales, and the increasing number of strategic M&A are the major trends expected to gain traction over the next few years. The high growth potential of this market is encouraging a large number of enterprises to increase their product range and expand its market presence by merging or acquiring other companies. In the past few years, the ophthalmic equipment market has witnessed a number of acquisitions since the presence of several large and small vendors have intensified the level of competition.

Revenue in the Eyewear market of Europe amounts to US$40,197m in 2019. The market is expected to rise annually by 1.4% (CAGR 2019-2023).

when globally compared, most revenue is generated in United States (US$32,288m in 2019).

according to total population figures, per person revenues of US$47.39 are generated in 2019.

Spectacle Lenses, Sunglasses, Eyewear Frames, Contact Lenses.

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