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Allied Academic Publication is an amalgamation of several esteemed academic and scientific associations known for promoting scientific temperament. Established in the year 1997, Andrew John Publishing Group is a specialized Medical publisher that operates in collaboration with the association and societies.  This publishing house has been built on the base of esteemed academic and research institutions including The College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario(CASLPO), The Association for Public Safety Communications Officials of Canada (APCO), The Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA), The Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM), The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA), Sonography Canada, Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP) and The Canadian Association of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (CANM).

Dementia, is one of the biggest global public health challenges facing our generation. Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with dementia this number is expected to double by 2030 and more than triple by 2050 to 115 million. In 2011, an estimated 747,000 Canadians were living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias by 2031, it is estimated that 1.4 million Canadians will have dementia. In Canada 72% of Alzheimer's sufferers are women and 62% of dementia cases are also women. Much of the increase will be in developing countries like Western Europe and North America.

Already 62% of people with dementia live in developing countries. Today, over 35 million people worldwide currently live with the condition. This number is expected to double by 2030 and more than triple by 2050 to 115 million.

No treatments available to slow or stop the brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease, several medications can temporarily help improve the symptoms of dementia for some people. In two decades, it is estimated that 1.4 million Canadians will have dementia, costing the economy almost $300 billion per year. Globally, dementia cost $600 billion a year.

None of the pharmacologic treatments (medications) available today for Alzheimer’s disease slows or stops the damage and destruction of neurons that cause Alzheimer’s symptoms and make the disease fatal. The six drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of Alzheimer’s temporarily improve symptoms by increasing the amount of chemicals called neurotransmitters in the brain.A1 The effectiveness of these drugs varies from person to person.

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Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at our 1000+ Global Events inclusive of 300+ Conferences, 500+ Workshops and 200+ Symposiums every year on Pharma, Medicine, Science and Technology

Here we welcome you to the World Congress on Dementia September July 12-13, 2017 at Atlanta, USA.

Dementia 2017 mainly focusing on Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Neurological changes in brain, Alzheimer’s disease Imaging, Disease Mechanisms, Geriatrics and Cognitive Disorder, Pathophysiology, Brain trauma, Care practice and Awareness, Current Research in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dementia with Lewy bodies is a type of dementia that leads to a progressive decline in thinking, reasoning and independent function because of abnormal microscopic deposits that gradually destroy certain brain cells.

Lewy bodies are also found in several other brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease dementia. Many people with Parkinson’s eventually develop problems with thinking and reasoning, and many people with DLB experience movement symptoms, such as a hunched posture, rigid muscles, a shuffling walk and trouble initiating movement.

Market Analysis

Globally, results of a recent meta-analysis suggest that 44 million people lived with dementia worldwide in 2010, with numbers expected to almost double every 20 years, to 65.7 million in 2030 and 115.4 million in 2050. In 2010, 58 percent of all people with dementia lived in countries with low or middle incomes, with this proportion anticipated to rise to 63 percent in 2030 and 71 percent in 2050.This number is expected to double by 2030 and more than triple by 2050 to 115 million.

In the United States alone, experts estimate that as many as five million people age 65 and older suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.  

Target Audience:

  • Neurologists and Directors
  • Physicians
  • Neuroscientists
  • Specialists
  • researchers
  • Health care professionals
  • Professors
  • Industrial Experts
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nutritional Scientists
  • Lecturers and Students from Academia in the study of Dementia
  • Students from Academia in the research of Neurology

Past Conferences

In the presence of inter professional researchers and practitioners involved in the development of high quality education in all aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, OMICS 3rd International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia was held during August 31-September 02, 2015 in Toronto, Canada.

OMICS International played host to a diverse panel of key members of the Neurology community from research lab, industry, academia and financial investment practices, discussing the future of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This event was really aimed for examining where the real Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia specialties are going in the future and purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for cross fertilization of ideas and development of ideas, in the field of Neurology.

Focusing on Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Neurological changes in brain, Alzheimer’s disease Imaging, Disease Mechanisms, Geriatrics and Cognitive Disorder, Pathophysiology, Brain trauma, Care practice and Awareness, Current Research in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease as well, the three days of discussions enabled professionals to gain an insight into the current innovations and opened up networking opportunities.

Dementia-2015 Organizing Committee would like to thank the Moderator of the conferenceCatherine Braxton, Generations Senior Care Consulting, USA, who contributed a lot for the smooth functioning of this event.

We are also thank full to all the speakers who made this event a grand success, our special thanks to 

·           Barbara C Fisher, United Psychological Services, USA

·           Guosong liu, Neurocentria, Inc., USA

·           Tohru Hasegawa, Saga Woman Junior College, Japan

·           Claude M Wischik, TauRx Therapeutics, UK

·           Zhicheng Xiao, Monash University, Australia

·           Helen Chenery, Bond University, Australia

·           Eef Hogervorst, Loughborough University, UK

·           Linda Levine Madori, St. Thomas Aquinas College, USA

·           Jens Wiltfang, Georg August University Gottingen, Germany

The highlights of the meeting were the eponymous lectures, delivered by Barbara C Fisherfrom United Psychological Services, USA, Claude M Wischik from TauRx Therapeutics, UK,Guosong liu from Neurocentria, Inc., USA, Zhicheng Xiao from Monash University, Australia, Tohru Hasegawa fromSaga Woman Junior College, Japan, Helen Chenery from Bond University, Australia.

The entire above mentioned keynote speakers gave their energetic and fruitful contributions at 3rd International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia.  The session chairs/Co chairs have proved their position and contributed a lot for the smooth functioning of the event.

All accepted abstracts have been indexed in the OMICS Group Journals as a special issue. OMICS Group felicitated all the Organizing Committee Members who enthusiastically participated in the conference and made this meeting a huge success.

With the huge response from scientific fraternity, industries, renowned personalities and Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group across the world, we would like to proudly announce “5th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia” during September 29-October 01, 2016 in London, UK

We wish to pioneer a way to another outstanding event in the UK.

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