Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology is the branch of Pharmacology which deals with the science of drugs and its targets and effects of drugs on the body. The Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology is a dynamic integrative program that brings together scientists, who mostly works in areas related to drug discovery. This area of research includes diverse range from cancer to cardiac and skeletal muscle, supervision of metabolism and neuroscience. The study mainly concentrates on protein drug targets like enzymes and hormone receptors that regulates cellular functions. In this contemporary time due to the growing power of computation informatics has been introduced both in research. We apply chemo- and bioinformatics to find the candidate‚Äôs therapeutic drugs, determine the drug-receptor interactions and utilize gene expression and other databases.

  • Drug discovery
  • Metabolism
  • Bioinformatics
  • Hormone receptor

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