Toxicology and Risk Assessment (TRA)

Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) gives a basic rundown of your items consistency with health and security measures and directions to guarantee worldwide market acknowledgment. Product manufacturers are endeavoring to react to the market requests and customer pressures for more secure items and more transparency. Customer marketplace demand, and in addition the legal prerequisite to give security data to clients, has made a need to have a toxicology hazard appraisal for assessing product safety. Toxicology Risk Assessment includes: checking to see if the product contains any banned, prohibited or restricted ingredients; determining if the product contains any carcinogen, mutagens, teratogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, or other problematic chemicals at relevant exposure concentrations; determining the inherit safety profile of product ingredients; considering any potential misuse of the product; determining if the exposures to the product will produce any adverse health effects; completing a TRA that covers the standards, regulations or guidance documents to ensure your product is following safety guidance, advice or mandatory requirements.
  • Hazard Identification
  • Dose-response Assessment
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Risk Characterization

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