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Emerging Advancement in the Field of Biomedical Research
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About Conference

Allied Academies organize a conference Biomedical and Clinical Research Conference during June 24-25, 2019 at Philadelphia, USA with theme “Emerging advancement in the field of biomedical research”.

Allied Academies is one of the leading organizers and Open access publishers of international scientific events and conferences every year across Europe, USA and Asia. Allied Academies has organized 3000+ worldwide Events with over, 600+ Conferences, 1200+ Symposiums, and 1200+ Workshops on pharmaceutical company, Engineering, Technology, Science, Medical and Business with 700+ peer-reviewed open access Journals in basic science, health, and technology.

Biomedical and Clinical Research Conference is for the gathering of Professors, researchers, clinicians, students of medicines and pharmacy, business tycoons and technocrats to display their recent research and talk about new thoughts, improvement and progresses in the field of biomedical, clinical Research, basic clinical research, pre-clinical research, biomedical engineering, biomedical instrumentation, advancement in treatment and diagnosis or relieving symptoms of diseases, present and future challenge of biomedical and clinical research, social and cultural aspect of biomedical research.


Biomedical Research 2019 gives a complete 360-degree overview and current research on Biomedical and Clinical Research: Present scenario & Future prospects. Participants will leave the conference with a wealth of new information and an expanded network of contacts.

The advantage from updates and bits of knowledge on the most recent government Biomedical procedure, and in additional recommendations for guaranteeing best practice and enhancing results.

Associate with more than 200 amazing representatives who are included in Biomedical and Clinical Research, issue settle shared difficulties and gain from the broad experience of others.


Targeted audience:

Biomedical Engineers

Clinical Researchers

Doctors (Cardiologists, Neurologists, Pediatricians, Oncologists, Surgeons etc...)





Pharmaceutical Companies

Clinical Research Laboratories

Medical Devices Manufacturers

Specialists in General Medicine

Academic Professionals & Scientists

Research Scholars


2019 Highlights:


10+Keynote Speakers

50+Plenary Speakers



 Motives to attend:

  • Keynote presentation along with interactions to galvanize the scientific community.
  • Workshop and symposiums to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Biomedical and Clinical Researchers community.
  • A wide track of exhibitors to showcase new and emerging technologies.
  • Platform to the global investment community to connect with stakeholders in the pharma sector.
  • Young Scientist/ Investigators Award geared towards best budding young research.
  • Links to political marketing resources in order to expand your business and research network.
  • Triumph of Awards, Certificates recognizes your commitment to your profession to encourage nascent research.

Welcome Message

Biomedical research 2019 heartily invites you to join our conference proceeds with the theme “Emerging advancement in the field of biomedical research. The conference deals with re-emerging of Biomedical and Clinical Research, it provides a platform for refreshing your knowledge and forecast future developments in the fields of  biomedical and clinical research and other allied areas. This conference will offer you a great opportunity to meet the world’s great scientists and researchers which explore your knowledge.

Biomedical Research 2019 provides a stage to unite the people from all over the world which has a great interest in the fields of biomedical and clinical research to boost your knowledge with recent research. A chance to go to the presentations conveys by an eminent scientist. Business tycoons can position their company as a champion and encounter with new vendors and suppliers.

The participants share their knowledge and view through abstract, posters, interactive keynotes and plenary session to discuss improving the new therapies and exploring new approaches and receive name recognition at this 2-day event.


Biomedical Researches
Biomedical science studies the functioning of cells, organs and system in human body with a disease for understanding the knowledge and treatment of human diseases. Biomedical research is a wide arrangement or research extending from basic research (include fundamental scientific principles that applies to preclinical research) to clinical researchBiomedical science traditionally grouped with specialism into three divisions; Life science, Physiological science, Medical physics or bioengineering. 

Latest Technologies in Biomedical Analysis
An incorporated approach utilizing compound, scientific and computers based instruments, in vitro tests, entire creature models, and human medical specialty examinations and clinical trials is correct currently the simplest thanks to subsume propel science, grow new things and medications, and treat, cure and anticipate illness. Concoction, mechanical, numerical and computer recreations demonstrate most respected within the propaedeutic phases of analysis wherever they'll fortify thoughts relating to new analysis bearings. These include compelling examination models however they cannot come after research facility testing. A computer reproduction is a productive analysis instrument since they increment speed and effectiveness of existing data. Human examinations embody taking research facility data on the protection and adequacy of recent immunizations or solutions and assessing them in exactly organized clinical trials utilizing educated human volunteers. At the purpose once utilised a medical specialty analysis contemplates medicine are commonly tried.

Clinical Case Reports
A case report is a method of communicating something that has been learnt from clinical practice. It could be around an unusual or beforehand obscure condition, a difficult or rare presentation of a known disease, or even new way deal with a typical condition. A case report gives the point by point report of symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up of an individual patient. Case reports may contain a statistic profile of the patient and play major role in the field of clinical research and prove based pharmaceutical. Besides, case reports can serve as an early cautioning signal for the adverse effects of new solutions, or the presentations of new and rising diseases.

Clinical Trial’s Globalization
The economic process of clinical analysis could be a comparatively recent development, during which several of those studies square measure happening on a world scale, with a major increase of clinical trials in developing countries. Developed markets which include the U.S., Western Europe, Germany, and Japan still generate the lion’s share of trial activity. Nearly thirty first of the world's clinical trials square measure reportedly conducted outside of the United. Consistent with the report China, Japan, India, and Korea square measure the foremost active settings for clinical trials among developing nations. It's foretold that Japan because the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical market by 2015. According to the the full range of studies registered in 2016 is 231,756. The proportion of studies registered from U.S. is thirty seventh; Non-U.S is 47%. It's calculable to achieve quite 280,000 study registries by 2017.

Medical Imaging in Clinical Research
Medical imaging has multiplied rapidly in clinical observation. This has been mirrored in a very apace increasing use of medical imaging in clinical trials, through all phases. Additional recently this has culminated in a very range of inter-disciplinary conferences with the varied stake holders, as well as the government agency. Discover new technologies in medical imaging, and the way to implement them in your clinical analysis. Because the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device business continues to spot ways in which to enhance and speed up development, medical imaging plays an additional important role.

Drug Discovery and Development
Researchers discover new medicine through insights into a sickness method that permit researchers to style a product to prevent or reverse the consequences of the sickness. After identifying a particular drug compound or component, several experimentations are processed to assemble drug information on its ADME studies, best dose, side effects, also it interacts with completely different medication and coverings and its effectiveness as compared with similar medication.

Bringing one new drug to the general public generally prices a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company on the average quite $1 billion and takes a median of ten to fifteen years. Every drug undergoes a rigorous method of discovery, development and approval after that at last, public use.

Advancements in Clinical Neurophysiology
Clinical neuroscience as this spotlights on the principal instruments of ailments and disorders of the brain and central nervous system and tries to grow better approaches for diagnosing such political agitation, prompting the improvement of novel prescription. According to the assessments by the World Health Organization, neural disorders influence more than 1 billion individuals around the world, constitute 12% of the weight of malady internationally, and cause 14% of worldwide destruction. Neuropathic pain (neuralgia) is an agony that originates from issues with signals from the nerves. It was, for the most part, grouped into fringe neuropathic pain and focal neuropathic torment which incorporates spinal line damage and focal issue. Torment is a huge general medical issue that costs society, at any rate, $560-$635 billion annually. Women will probably encounter torment in contrast with men.

Oncology Biomedical Research
Oncology is a branch of prescription that arrangements with tumours. A therapeutic professional who deals with oncology is oncologist. Integrative oncology study and deals with brain, body and soul. Advancement and development of touch, nourishment and care to utilise within routine illness care to handle and increase indications and private satisfaction. That’s the rational various consultants, as well as healthful specialists, have grasped the quickly extending field of integrative medicine, that melds the most effective of customary and possibility medications. Immuno-oncology treatments enact our attackable framework, creating it able to understand growth cells and wipe out them. Since Tumour cells are all together completely different from normal cells within body, the resistance framework assaults them once it will bear in mind the. Oncologic Emergencies, because the term infers, are difficulties going on attributable to a growth itself, a Para neoplastic disorder, or from treatment of malignancy that need prompt thought and inversion, if conceivable. Inmate treatment is associate degree absolute necessity, and often these conditions need intercession in associate degree escalated mind setting.

Biostatistics - An Approach to Bioinformatics
The sphere of biostatistics to bioinformatics supply quantitative solutions to complicated questions from complex statistics. The dominant goal of this convention is to conceive a medium for statisticians from internationally to provide their modern observe, discovery in statistical packages which can spark off novel studies tasks and instructions in addition to enhance statistical packages. Specific and practical techniques have been made and currently in the field of biostatics and bioinformatics as complimentary aid to display them with wide range of valuable packages of genetics, genomics and biomedical areas.

Molecular medicine research
Molecular medicine is an area of medical technological know-how that combines biology, chemistry, physics, bioinformatics and engineering technology to give an explanation for about molecular structures and mechanism. Molecular methods are widely used for analysis, prevention, and manipulate of various infectious ailment. Development in this field will help to treat the infectious illnesses extra as it should be and correctly and to increase vaccines more secure & effective. The brand new development on this discipline is turning into powerful to inhibit HIV, herpes virus and human papillomavirus. Monoclonal antibodies are carried out in ELISA take a look at that generating extra sensitivity than traditional strategies.

Biochemistry and Biophysics
Biochemistry, generally referred to as biological chemistry, is that the study of chemical processes with reference to living organisms. Biochemistry controls the details of biochemical signals and as results collect the information of flow energy flow through metabolism, organic chemistry processes creates to the complexness of life. Over the last decades of the twentieth century, organic chemistry has become therefore undefeated at explaining living processes that currently the majority of the life sciences from biological science to medication to genetic science are engaged in organic chemistry analysis. Now a days, the most focus of pure organic chemistry is on understanding how the biological molecules create to the processes that occur in living cells, that successively relates to the study and understanding of tissues, organs, and whole organisms that's, all of biology.

Biophysics is associate knowledge domain science that applies the approaches & strategies of physics to check biological structures. Physical science covers all aspects of biological organization, from molecular to scheme and populations which incorporates structure & dynamics of molecules, cells & tissues, the influence of atmosphere, energy transformation & transfer, physical science, biological motility, population dynamics & cell differentiation modeling, biomechanics & tissue physical science, non-linear phenomena, mathematical informatics modeling of advanced systems, process biology.

Innovations in Pre-Clinical Analysis
Pre-clinical analysis likewise named pre-clinical reviews and nonclinical studies is a part of analysis that starts before clinical trials, and amid that imperative credibleness, repetitive testing and medicine security info is gathered. The principle objectives of clinical analysis reviews to choose the protected measurements for First-in-man study and start to survey item's security profile. Things might incorporate new or iterated or like-kind restorative gadgets, drugs, so forth.

This analysis will increase information regarding useful processes in living organisms and development. This Clinical analysis supply’s the fundaments of different kinds of medicine analysis. Pre-clinical analysis compresses the analysis of therapeutic intervention in humans and animals. Candidates for entry into clinical trials will then be elect supported their effectiveness and safety. All medication needs information from varied pharmacological medicine preclinical studies to support their potential safety in humans before clinical trials before path begin.

Clinical Microbiology Research
Clinical science is a branch of medical science concerned with the adaptation of microbiological techniques to study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Microbiology research due to differentiation, large requirement of preparatory materials, huge numbers of which should be sterile (culture media, microorganisms or other microbial societies, and gear: autoclaves, magnifying instruments) keeping in mind the end goal to achieve any showing objective in this research facility territory. Hence, understudies in numerous natural lab courses never have the chance to work with organisms on account of these specialized necessity. Hence, they do not obtain the active encounter prompting the acknowledgment that microorganisms, organisms, yeast, and blue green growth have the attributes of life and frameworks accessible to outside investigations and analysis.

Genetic  and Stem Cell Research 
Genetics is the basis of any organism therefore understanding of biology can give a strong suggests that to get hereditary components in malady etiology. In recent years, cistrontic studies have shifted from disorders caused by one gene (e.g. Huntington’s disease) to common multi-factorial disorders (e.g. hypertension) that result from the interactions between hereditary cistron variants and environmental factors, as well as chemical, physical, biological, social, infectious, behavioural or organic process factors.

Stem cell are undifferentiated organic cells which will separate into explicit cells and might isolate (through mitosis) to deliver a lot of foundational microorganisms. They’re found in cellular life forms. In heat full-blood creatures, there are two expansive kinds of foundational microorganisms: embryonic undifferentiated organisms, that area unit confined from the inward cell mass of blastocysts, and grown-up immature microorganisms, that area unit found in several tissues. In grown-up life forms, undifferentiated organisms and antecedent cells move as a repair framework for the body, reviving grown-up tissues.

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Medicine
Tissue Engineering is that the study of materials that uses the mix of cells to engineer biologically active molecules to provide well-organized tissues and organs, which might be ingrained into the donor with the utilization of the many designed strategies in conjunction with some chemistry factors. Biomaterial supports the designed tissues physically, and guide cells by geographic and chemical signals. Regenerative medication could be a branch of tissue engineering that deals with the method of exchange or make human cells, tissues or organs to restore the standard biological operate by means that of cells, stem cells and biomaterials. Scaffolds area unit the materials designed to cause cellular interactions that ultimately aids in formation of recent tissues. Biomaterials help in making new materials for tissue engineering and somatic cell delivery. Bone and animal tissue engineering could be a quickly advancing field. New methodology of this engineering includes odontology tissue regeneration with mesenchyme stem cells and thrombocyte wealthy plasma.

Bionanomaterial and Nanotechnology in Biomedical
Bionanomaterials are molecular materials composed part or utterly of biological molecules and leading to structures having a Nano-scale-dimension. Magnetic nanomaterial is the magnetic particles of Nano size that are having exclusive magnetic properties. They're existing in varied forms comparable to dry powders, as surface functionalized powders or as stable dispersions in a kind of solvents, each binary compound and organic. 

Bionanomaterials have many separate applications as novel fibbers, adhesives, sensors, etc. Nano biomaterials have 28.3% of the market share. Nano biomaterials are also used for many important fields of biomedical sciences like cancer treatment, regeneration practices and polymeric compound which are very important for gene delivery system. Nanofiber scaffolds diameters are smaller than 100nms. Nanofiber scaffolding is a technique to grow tissue and bone, additionally employed in somatic cell enlargement. 

Medicine Devices Clinical Analysis
The lead of clinical trials may be a standout amongst the foremost expensive elements of the development of recent restorative things. It’s very important, consequently, that the reviews got to produce astounding info within the briefest conceivable time. A lot of organizations are trying to utilize single, bigger trials to choose up the most effective live of knowledge regarding an item and during this means decrease the interval to advertise. A key element in guaranteeing this objective is that the close participation between those answerable of the arrangement of the trial provides. The arrangement of trial provides is usually sorted out by a unprecedented gathering, often within the item advancement division, and it's affordable to speak a couple of projected trial with this gathering at an early stage so any potential challenges are often recognized and settled. the numerous strides in trial provides area unit 1)Placing asking for trial provides, 2) producing of trial provides, 3) bright of trial provides, 4) getting comparators, 5) Packaging, 6) Labelling, 7) Documentation, 8) expiration chemical analysis, 9) Dispatch of provisions, 10) Disposal of clinical analysis provides. The estimation of some review medications is able to do a large range of greenbacks, creating it basic to remain far away from production, oversupply, and stock lapse. With the high expenses and strict taking care of requirements for a few biopharmaceutical things getting into clinical improvement, the co-ordinations of clinical analysis provides area unit a lot of basics than the other time in recent memory.

Advancement in Clinical Research
Research in Clinical science deals with safety and effectiveness of medication, devices, and diagnostic products that are used for identification, treatment, interference or relieving system of diseases that are guide straight for human use. After researcher knows about a compound with drug qualities in the lab, it is subjected to pre-clinical studies or animal testing where different phases of test (clinical trials) are studied (including safety, toxicity and efficacy). Determine whether the new drug, devices or treatment are safe and effective for human use. Extensive pre-clinical studies are needed before pharmaceutical companies start clinical trials on a drug.

Clinical Data Management
Clinical performances have interactions with different departments including Clinical Science, Clinical Quality Assurance, data Management, Biostatistics and regulative Affairs to confirm that the info and data required by these different departments is delivered in order that they will decide if an attempt has been undefeated. The Clinical Operations perform of a corporation is vital to the delivery of clinical trials. While not this team no Clinical analysis activity can be delivered. Clinical Operations group square measure liable for coming up with, designing and physically running clinical test – IV clinical trials. Several larger pharmaceutical corporations have conjointly checked out putting in place strategic partnerships with Clinical analysis Organizations to source some or all of their Clinical Operations activities. Maintain needed records of study activity as well as case report forms, drug dispensation records, or regulative forms. Assess importance of data management is through many ways corresponding to screening interviews, reviews of medical records, and discussions with physicians and nurses. Determine protocol issues, inform investigators of issues, or assist in downside resolution effort corresponding to protocol revisions.

Nursing and Clinical Research
Nursing and clinical research is a pursuit of a nursing knowledgeable that works exhausting to help produce, evaluate, ideal and vintage medications and remedies for varied scientific troubles. These nurses might paintings all told regions of pharmaceutical and medical studies.

scientific research nurse will be at the forefront of latest scientific and medical discoveries, and assist to develop leap forward cures and medical treatments.

Epidemiology and Public Health
Epidemiology, study the distribution and determinants of sickness in human populations and also the environmental risk factors decisive that distribution, in the main by the employment of statistics. The typical approach to pick up this learning is by complete inactions. Such an examination begins from at least one prediction about how the determinant may effects event of illness. It is the systematic observation and investigative research of disease transmission to study danger and protector components of infections in unhealthy population that is differs from the healthy population, which   justify public health, to prevent disease and to promote health.

Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
pharmacovigilance is the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products, and it is needed in different stages of product life cycle, and the safety surveillance and risk management. Information received from patients and healthcare providers plays an important role in providing the data appropriate for Pharmacovigilance to take place, in order to market or to test a pharmaceutical product, adverse event data must be submitted to the local drug regulatory authority. At the end drug safety is related with identifying the danger with pharmaceutical products and with minimizing the risk that may come to patients by safety surveillance and risk factor managing etc.

Biotransformation and Biocatalyst
Biotransformation refers back to the chemical alteration of chemical compounds together with vitamins, amino acids, pollutants, and pills in the body. It is also had to offer nonpolar compounds so that they're now not reabsorbed in renal tubules and are excreted. The drug or toxin metabolism in a body is an instance of a biotransformation.  Due to the high stereo- or regioselectivity mixed with excessive product purity and excessive enantiomer excesses, biotransformation can be technically advanced to standard chemical synthesis.

Biocatalysts in the destiny might be the amplify of potential to apply enzymes to catalyse chemical reactions in business procedures, which includes the manufacture of drug material, flavours, fragrances, digital chemicals, polymers—chemical compounds that literally effect nearly each side of your lifestyles. It has end up a replacement technique of choice for the manufacturing of first-rate chemical substances at excessive yields and first-rate selectivity beneath moderate response condition. Biocatalysts technologies can introduce an era this is greener, reduces pollution and fee, and creates extra sustainability environmental catalysis and Nano catalysis.

Rehabilitation Advancement
Rehabilitation may be a coming up with of answer to facilitate an individual to induce recovery from injury, infection, or disorder to as traditional a circumstance as doable.

Rehabilitation purpose is to recover physical, sensory, and intellectual talents of few or all the patient's that are misplaced thanks to harm, illness, or disorder. Rehabilitation consists of supporting the affected person to atone for deficits that can't be reversed medically. It’s suggested when many sorts of injury, illness, or ailment, consisting of amputations, arthritis, cancer, internal organ illness, medical specialty issues, orthopedical injuries, spinal twine accidents, stroke, and worrying brain injuries. The institute of medicine has expected that as several as Bastille Day of all Americans are often disabled at any given time.

Bioethics and Restrictive Compliance
Bioethics is that the study of the generally polemical moral problems arising from new things and prospects led to by advances in drugs. It’s conjointly ethical discernment because it relates to medical policy, practice, and analysis. Bioethicists are involved with the moral queries that arise within the relationships among life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, clinical analysis, and philosophy etc. one in all the primary areas addressed by fashionable bioethicists was that of human experimentation. The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of medicine and activity analysis was at first established in 1974 to spot the fundamental moral principles that ought to underlie the conduct of medicine and activity analysis involving human subjects.

Clinical analysis ethics are the set of relevant ethics thought of within the conduct of a trial within the field of clinical analysis. It borrows from the broader fields of analysis ethics and medical ethics. Quality of clinical trials depends on information integrity and subject protection. Sensible Clinical apply (GCP) is that the universal moral and scientific quality commonplace for conducting clinical trials. The GCP commonplace applies to any or all aspects of the trial method.

Market analysis

Importance and scope
Biomedical and medical research play a crucial role to find disease’s symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and cure from common infection like common cold to lethal disease cancer which is important for human care. By advance treatment in drugs and invention of new devices it is possible to cure life threatening diseases. Many more researches are going on in this field. 
Biomedical and medical research conference provides a platform for discussion on knowledge from all over the world researcher, so that new and effective treatment of fatal diseases should be known to everyone and it cured.

Another way to examine spending trends is to look at what share of the economy is devoted to health. In 1970 the U.S. devoted 6.9% of its gross domestic product to total health spending (both through public and private funds).  By 2016 the amount spent on health had increased to 17.9% of GDP. Health spending as a share of the economy often increases during economic downturns and remains relatively stable during expansionary periods.

Hospital and physician services represent half of total health spending

Hospital spending represented 32% of overall health spending in 2016, and physicians/clinics represent 20% of total spending. Prescriptions accounted for 10% of total health spending in 2016, which is up from 7% of total spending in 1970.

Why Philadelphia, USA?
Philadelphia is that the largest city within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA. It’s noted for its arts and culture. The town is that the centre of economic activity in Pennsylvania, and is home to the City of Brotherly Love exchange and a number of other Fortunes five hundred corporations. The city has a lot of out of doors sculptures and murals than the other city, and Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is that the largest improved urban park within the world. Major city attractions are Liberty bell, Independence Hall consist constitution and declarations of historic symbol of American independence were signed.  Both are the part of independence National Historic Park. Outstanding art museums with classic pieces includes Rodin museum, Franklin institute Science Museum honouring life of Benjamin franklin. Nature lover can visit Philadelphia zoo, Dilworth Park, Philadelphia’s magic garden.
Restoration of Philadelphia's neighbourhoods continues into the twenty first century and also the city has reversed its decades-long trend of population loss.
US pharmaceutical corporations spent $40 billion on R&D (research and development) within the USA and nearly another $11 billion on R&D abroad. Biomedical devices and material market is increasing at a remarkable rate due to increase of the extensiveness of diseases and growing government incentives in attention sector. Rising markets hold a wonderful potential for growth of biomedicine materials market. Innovation of some new merchandise with higher effectively is anticipated to provide smart probability for biomedicine materials market.

Associations of Biomedical in USA
National Association for Biomedical Research USA
American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA)
American Medical Association (AMA)
National Medical Association (NMA)
Alzheimer's Association
American Lung Association
American Diabetes Association
March of Dimes
Muscular Dystrophy Association
American Heart Association

Global Associations of Biomedical 
California Biomedical Research Association (CA, NV)
British Association of Clinical Anatomists (BACA

Funding agencies of Biomedical Research 
The largest study up to now to try to quantify U.S. funding of medicine analysis by the pharmaceutical trade, government, and personal sources, researchers estimate that U.S. medicine analysis presently stands at concerning over $100 billion annually.
The pharmaceutical marketing is that the largest contributor towards funding analysis, funding over the government contributes to a couple of third of the prices, with foundations, support organizations and individual donors to blame for the remaining. 

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Department of Defence (DOD)
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
Food and Drug Administration
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
American Cancer Society
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
The Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Arthritis Foundation
Health Resources and Services Administration
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Department of Education
Department of Energy
Environmental Protection Agency
Agency for International Development
National Science Foundation
Department of Veterans Affairs

Future Goal and Challenges
Development and advancement in biomedical science in last few decades is remarkable.
Advancement in vaccination, antibiotics, surgery and medical devices provide success to get rid of fatal diseases. There is no limit in the field of biomedical science research of new drugs and development of new devices. Over the past centuries there are major benefits by biomedical research, like classes of antibiotics, vaccines for measles and tetanus, medication for blood presser (high or low), Improvement treatment for AIDS, new surgical technique such as microsurgery, increasing successes full treatment for cancer, as a result of Human Genome Project new beneficial test and treatments are expected. Many more future challenges are still there to overcome antibiotic resistance, long diagnosis procedures, care, cause and prevention for newly identified diseases. 
To get victory in all such challenges every ones support and collaboration is needed with some changes in previous system. These changes includes: Focus on Cost effective targets of drug or device, adopt realistic goals for research, private and public collaboration, adopt realistic new research goals, encourage public-private partnership, give preference in funding new research, bringing down the cost biomedical facility to consumers.
Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Samer Ellahham
Chief Quality Officer, Cardiologist and Vascular Consultant , Senior Cardiovascular Consultant
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
OCM Member
Dr.Ahmed G Hegazi
Professor, Microbiology and Immunology
National Research Center
Cairo, Egypt
OCM Member
Majid Ghassemi
Professor, Mechanical
K.N. Toosi University of Technology
Tehran, Iran
OCM Member
Zeliha Selamoglu
Professor/Doctor in Medical Biology Department
Omer Halisdemir University
Nigde, Turkey
OCM Member
Marcos Roberto Tovani Palone
University of São Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil
OCM Member
Dr Farid Menaa
Professor, Director and Independent Consultant, Departments of Internal Medicine and Nanomedicine
California Innovations Corporation
Los Angeles, USA
OCM Member
Petra Perne
Institute of Computer Vision and applied Computer Sciences
Pfinztal, Germany
OCM Member
Dr. Ian Martins
Fellow of International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR), Neuroscience
Centre of Excellence for Alzheimer's Disease Research and Care Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute
Melbourne, Australia

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date June 24-25, 2019
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Explore Philadelphia and the Countryside

Philadelphia(City of Brotherly Love) delivers one destination, five counties and countless things to do: fascinating museums, vibrant parks, national historic sites, and famous (and delicious) food.

Yo, Welcome to Philly!!

The Conference dates are as mentioned below:

Dates: 24th & 25th  June 2019

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Accommodation Service Providers (Hotels) have their own cancellation policies which are applicable when cancellations are made less than 30 days prior to arrival. If in case the registrant wishes to cancel or amend the accommodation, he/ she is expected to inform the organizing authorities on a prior basis. Allied academies will advise the registrant to ensure complete awareness about the cancellation policy of your accommodation provider, prior to cancellation or modification of their booking.

Highlights from last year's Convention

Authorization Policy

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